New product range for manufacturers of yachts and boats - BOAT

sia Abrasives have placed a new product range on the market - BOAT, designed for manufacturers of yachts, boats, and all other kinds of vessel. Products in this system may be used in the grinding and polishing of lacquer coats, laminates and the wood and metal elements used in constructions of this kind. BOAT offers a very wide assortment of products, which permits sia Abrasives systems to adjust to the individual needs of the customer. The offer also includes a special material for the removal of anti-fouling coatings. It also includes a set of accessories necessary for the effective use of our abrasive and polishing materials. It is particularly worth noting that the BOAT assortment extends the possibility of replacing the expensive materials used so far with new ones, which are much cheaper and offer equally vast possibilities. The main product of the BOAT range is 1960 siarex - "the king" in the field of sanding. It is universally wide in its application and very efficient. It removes thick, excess layers and guarantees a uniform level of scratches in all grit sizes. Additionally, it significantly reduces the effect of "sizing" thanks to the special layer that covers the grain. This makes the work easier, and most importantly, minimises wear. A very important advantage, which facilitates work, is the very high flexibility of the paper backing. It prevents the grain from cracking and crumbling, offering the possibility of treating most varied shapes. 1960 siarex may replace much more expensive cloth abrasives, thus significantly reducing production costs. It is also easy to work with our material because of its fast and easy replacement, thanks to the 'hooks and loops' fastening system - siafast.

In connection with the introduction of the new product range, the assortment of sia Abrasives has been extended with several innovations:

1. A system for polishing lacquers and laminates - designed for the purposes of companies who produce yachts, boats, etc. It is a reliable system, recognised by specialists in the field of vessel manufacture all over Europe. All elements of the BOAT segment form one system, adjusted to customer need. This means that the additional application of these products ensures an excellent finish. It consists of the abrasive compound 'Heavy Cut Polish', the protective compound 'Protection Polish', and a set of accessories necessary for proper surface finish. Both compounds are designed for use without water. As a consequence, the product may be used economically. Dry polishing also eliminates the unnecessary costs related to the maintenance of clean working conditions. Thanks to these products, it is possible to achieve a very high level of surface gloss, and additionally to protect the surface from damage and dimness.

2. siastrip grinding wheel - a newly introduced product, especially useful for stripping anti-fouling coatings, rust, and all kinds of impurities. It owes its properties to an open, three-dimensional structure, thanks to which the "sizing" effect was minimised. It significantly reduces the costs of material wear and the time needed for the frequent replacement of wheels. The grain is fused into the entire volume of the fibres in such a way that stable stripping is ensured, until the grinding wheel is completely worn. The flexibility of the material offers the possibility of accessing difficult surfaces. The possibility of wet work is a very important advantage. Thanks to it, toxic dust and vapours do not enter the respiratory tract. It is particularly useful for stripping very toxic anti-fouling paints.

3. Abrasive cloth - designed for finishing polished surfaces, collecting excess paste and fine impurities. During polishing, it is very important that no impurities in the form of grain or dust get between the tool and the element. Use of the cloth ensures that the surface is ideally prepared and further work will not cause any flaws on the surface of the gel coat or lacquer. It is indispensable for polishing shapes otherwise inaccessible with the use of electric devices. The product is highly absorbent.

4. 1748 sialac ao siafast -designed for sanding lacquered surfaces and gel coats, an abrasive long known under the name 'siasoft' (1748 sialac ao) has been modified and many of its properties have been completely changed. Unlike the former version, it does not have sponge backing and is much cheaper. We have managed to maintain the basic features of the material, praised by our customers, and yet improve the effectiveness of those requirements so crucial for sanding both soft and hard lacquer coatings. Sizing of the grain is minimised and aggressiveness of the product has been significantly improved. We believe that many sia Abrasive users are waiting for these discs!

5. Hooks-and-loops in rolls - self-adhesive, allows the hook-and-loop fastening system for trowels to be used. It facilitates replacement of abrasive strips and reduces the time taken. Additionally, it provides stable fastening for paper with the siafast backing on the tool, providing high precision in treatment. Since the siafast system was introduced onto market, it has become an indispensable element of every machining process. It is present in most sia Abrasives products. It reduces material replacement, waste, and keeps work-stands clean.