sia Abrasives metal grinding systems.

Blue abrasives for building and construction steels.

Green abrasives for high-alloy and stainless steel, superalloys, titanium and titanium alloys

Red abrasives for non-ferrous metals

Black abrasives for cast iron

On-site customer support
Our business partners and end-users can call on the advice and applicational know-how of our experienced technicians and grinding experts at any time.
Grinding process
The sia Abrasives metal grinding system provides all the necessary information on every processing stage to ensure that a perfect surface finish can be obtained in all grinding operations.
System accessories
System accessories The sia Abrasives metal grinding system includes a comprehensive programme of accessories specifically designed for use with its various grades of abrasives.
A wealth of leaflets and other documentation I available to provide metalworking specialists with all the information they need to ensure safe operation and perfect surface finish.
The reusable packaging and the practical packing and shipping units are ideally tailored to the needs and requirements of specialist retailers and end-users.
Retailers and end-users have the opportunity to attend practical workshops, courses and seminars at our Communication Center in Frauenfeld to learn everything they need to ensure that they obtain the best surface finish every time.