sia Abrasives - the Swiss producer of coated abrasives

The name of the company is an abbreviation of Swiss Industrial Abrasives - Swiss manufacturer of abrasives materials with a 125 year-long tradition. Throughout all these years, we have transformed from a family business established in 1875 into a listed company sia Abrasives - Holding which employs nearly 1000 people with branches in 80 countries around the world.

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sia Biuro Technologiczne Sp. z o.o.

sia Biuro Technologiczne Sp. z o.o., company was established as a natural consequence of the increasing involvement of sia Abrasives Holding AG with their business in Poland.

Since its beginnings the company has been oriented towards growth as part of the global development strategy of the sia Abrasives. The Polish representative has always been implementing the basic aim of the company : recognition of the market, creation and support for innovation in the field of sanding systems and technology, complex supply of highest-quality abrasives, training and professional advice in respect of technology, tools, materials for processing of wood and metal.

In the second stage of development, an abrasives converting plant was created. A dozen of people who formed the hard core of the production team underwent intensive training in the training centre in Switzerland and were delegated to production practice in the sia Abrasives facilities. The converting line installed in Poland was created with a view to satisfying the demand of the dynamically growing furniture and metal industry in Poland.

During that time, the company has settled in the Polish market, creating a good start for a nation-wide distribution and advise network, and organising or participating in a number of training ventures. Among other things, several hundred furniture and metal industry specialists were offered the possibility to undergo a complete training course in the unique European training centre in Frauenfeld, Switzerland.

The foundations of the third development stage were laid in 1999, when the company acquired a real estate. Near Szczecin and the Berlin-Szczecin motorway, a building was renovated, which now holds the headquarters of the company and the production facility. As a whole, the third stage of the company's development comprises consolidation of the company's position in the Polish market and expansion towards the Eastern European markets.

Building of a new converting plant in Goleniow Industrial Park, with a great logistic and administration facilities is a fourth stage of development. Company left Szczecin and moved to the new location in may 2008. Complex of the buildings with a total area of 4 500 m² gives great possibilities for development of the machinery and converting lines, which consequently will improve productivity. This is not the end of planed investments. At the end of the project, company suppose to have 10 000 m² of disposable area.

sia Biuro Technologiczne Sp. z o.o.
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