Environmentally friendly sia Abrasives products:
Health is priceless

First-class dust-extraction systems are nowadays a matter of course in the boardmaking industry. But they do not get rid of all dust problems in the manufacture of boards. Dust extractors are well-known t o be powerless against statically charged sanding dust suspended in the atmosphere. Sia Abrasives' highly effective antistatic sanding belts make a major contribution to the reduction of this problem.

Clean production

By the use of modern bonding media and expensive air cleaning systems, all sia abrasives are produced without pollution and without damaging the environment.

Clean disposal

All sia abrasives are free from harmful substances and can be disposed of without problems, either in the factory's own or the public refuse incineration plant.

Packaging made of recycled materials

All sia packing consists of low-cost, reusable cardboard that has been recycled several times.