ISO certificate

Coated abrasives are used for refinement of surfaces made of wood, wood-derivative materials, metal, filler, lacquer, glass, leather, etc. They consist of the following layers:
  1. Backing: paper, cloth, polyester, combination, fibre, foil
  2. Priming layer of glue or synthetic resin
  3. Abrasive grain: garnet, ruby, emery, aluminium oxide, zirconium oxide, silicon carbide, ceramic corundum, diamond
  4. Coating layer of natural glue or synthetic resin
The grain and backing types are selected depending on the characteristics of the processed element and the applied technology.
    Coated abrasives are made in continuous production lines, up to 300 metres long. The production process uses two types of grain dispersion on the backing: gravitational and electrostatic. In the final phase the material is dried and reeled into so-called jumbo-rolls, which may weigh up to do 2.5 tonnes. The entire process is monitored by means of an electronic system, which guarantees uniform quality.